Thursday, July 30, 2009

Review, Part Two

A couple days ago, Aidyn and I reviewed "Ocean month." We revisited oceanic animals and spent time coloring seahorses, whales, seashells, and random fish. Conversating about our trip to Morro Bay, we remembered the waves, the sand, and Aidyn's experience feeding sea lions. I have fond memories of ocean month, but I know it will be a subject to soon be repeated! During our unit last March, we covered not only ocean-related subjects but we happened to take interesting side trips to Columbia and Volcano, Ca.

In that month, Aidyn learned:
-that so many different kinds of animals live in the ocean
-about sharks, their basic anatomy, and species varieties
-about octopi, sea lions, sea otters, seahorses, and different types of fish
-about the beach environment, the movement of the waves, the weather, the feel of the sand
-about seaweed, seashells, beach rocks, and how to beachcomb
-about the development of butterflies
-a bit about gold-mining towns

That month, to me, seemed ideal in the amount of creative play we engaged in, conversations we had, the wonderful books we read, and the places we explored. Although Morro Bay was a bit distant, we discovered local getaways as well. I think that the changing of scenes encouraged Aidyn to think beyond his present location. There is so much out in the world to touch, discover, and learn about! When we begin our more formalized homeschooling program, I hope to continue to adopt that philosophy in everyday life: thus my tendency to label it "worldschooling."

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