Friday, July 24, 2009

Africa Month Synopsis

Africa month proved to be a laid back, enjoyable time with mostly review work, but it also included new crafty experiences. Aidyn re-watched many of his favorite movies set in Africa like The Lion King and Tarzan. We read many sweet stories about zebras, lions, and other African animals. We dipped our toes in Swahili culture, and one day, we aim to return to it. Aidyn also constructed a trio of African animals out of reused materials and paint. Spinning the globe, Aidyn has become more familiar with identifying the continent of Africa. Our days were filled with beautiful African music and Kermits "African Alphabet" is now one of favorite videos. Due to time constraints this month, we weren't able to do all that I hoped to do, but we did fulfill the goal of becoming positively familiar with the subject. What else could I ask for?

This concludes our unit studies pertaining to our apex destination of the California Academy of Sciences. For the next couple of days, we will review what we've learned and jet off to San Francisco!

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