Sunday, June 28, 2009

Prize for Reading

Since Aidyn completed five books of required summer reading, he was awarded a little prize for his efforts: a cute couple of coloring pages and crayons. When we went grocery shopping afterward, he proudly tucked his crayons in his back pocket and made several references to them. First thing when we arrived home, he colored his pages and showed them to his grandma, his daddy, and I. I'm so glad that he has artistic interests. Moreso, I am delighted that he's practicing the early stages of handwriting and letter-writing through creative art. Soon enough, his little finger muscles will be ready for tracing! Interestingly enough, he's still ambidextorous; he uses both hands at different times to do everything from coloring to painting to digging. He comes from a family of mainly right-handers, but it is true that David's father is ambidextorous as well and even used to (and perhaps still does) draw identical pictures with both right and left hands simultaneously.

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