Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dirt and Bugs

Over the past two days, Aidyn has been helping me with our compost. I introduced it to him on Sunday morning and he watched me dump new kitchen scraps on the pile. He was a captive audience to my turning the compost and he then helped me gather dry leaves for the top layer. This morning, he helped me add pine needles, weeds, and tiny fistfuls of dry leaves and watched again as I turned it in. Later we sat on the ground near our sandy soil and "crunched" dirt rocks. We even found a few colorful pebbles and alloted them to their own pile. Later we took a small side trip to the park and Aidyn ran around with a troop of fifth graders. On the way, we spied bugs, picked flowers, and sang our phonics song. Hungry, we arrived home and I fixed Aidyn some butterfly toast. I toasted a slice of bread and cut it diagonally. I arranged the two halves so that they looked like butterfly wings. Cutting a strawberry in half, I created a head and constructed antennae. I made a blueberry body and used sliced strawberries for wing decorations. After I drizzled some honey over it, Aidyn scarfed it down with enthusiasm.

A couple days ago, we also took in the books Bugs by David T. Greenburg, What Does Bunny See? by Linda Sue Park, and our favorite among the three, Be Nice to Spiders by Margaret Bloy Graham. We also signed up for our yearly summer reading at our local library and are looking forward to their upcoming programs.

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