Friday, June 19, 2009

Bugs in the Garden Synopsis

Although this month was more of a review, Aidyn still learned new things. Throughout the month, we read really sweet books about both bugs and gardens. Our favorites had to be The Very Quiet Cricket and Zinnia's Flower Garden. We also created some bug crafts, played with bug models, and Aidyn even ate bug-themed foods. Exploring local gardens, Aidyn added many new plants' names to his vocabulary and was introduced to common garden tools. Additionally, this month I learned to compost and Aidyn involved himself in the process. We're still dying to add worms to our heap and watch them attack the food!

We also took in some side experiences at our local library: once we saw a ventriliquist and recently we heard a very animated storyteller.

As an ending project, Aidyn and I crafted an outdoor bug-'n'-garden scene. On a sky blue piece of construction paper, I added a strip of green construction paper and cut the top so it appeared to be grass. After I added a yellow sun, Aidyn applied bug and flower stickers everywhere. It was a great time to review who went where. Do flowers go on the sun, in the sky, or in the grass? Does this caterpillar fly in the sky or crawl on the ground? Where does this tomato grow?

On the whole, we had a blast this month!

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