Sunday, June 21, 2009

African Dunk

This morning, Aidyn and I made a lion craft to officially kick off Africa month. Basically I took an old soap box, taped it shut, and showed Aidyn how to paint it. While he painted the box, I cut out shapes for the lion's head, legs, and tail. We waited for the paint to dry and Aidyn glued the limbs on the box thus creating a soap box lion. He decided to name him "Babu," and we talked about how he lives in Africa and grew a mane when he became a daddy. Looking at pictures of younger male lions and lionesses, we discussed who has a mane and who doesn't.

Afterwards, we read many Africa-themed books such as The Sleepy Litttle Lion by Margaret Wise Brown, Moja Means One by Muriel and Tom Feelings, Emeka's Gift by Ifeoma Onyefulu, Kente Colors by Debbi Chocolate, and we browsed through the Eyewitness: Africa text. With Brown's book, we were able to bring up the subject of manes again, as our sleepy little lion had yet to develop one. With Kente Colors and Emeka's Gift we absorbed some African culture and words unfamiliar to us. With Moja Means One, we test-drove some Swahili words. In these books and with our globe at home, we identified the continent of Africa as well. All of these activities were done while we listened to Putumayo Kids: African Dreamland on the cd player.

I am excited to have started off African month so positively and creatively. So far, Aidyn seems enthusiastic about the subjects we've covered. We can't wait to learn more!

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