Friday, June 19, 2009

Africa Month

Theme: Africa
Music: African Music

Goal Trip: African exhibit at Haggin Museum

This month's theme will take us to the continent of Africa. We will not only explore the animal life that roams the area, but we'll learn about African culture, music, and language. We plan to read some books about the Swahili language and learn some new words. African music will play randomly throughout the month, and we'll watch videos about African life.

This month marks the end for our current destination-based curriculum. After this study concludes, we will review what we've learned so far, and then we are ready to jet to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. The rest of the year will be spent continuing unit studies (only without a marked destination), and I plan to include units on specific authors (Dr. Suess, Beatrice Potter, Maurice Sendak weeks!), activities (karate, baseball, etc), and other stuff. I will also be building the curriculum for next year; we have a grand plan for our apex destination!

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