Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rainforest Synopsis

Rainforest month was a blast! It's been ages since the last post, but we've been enjoying our learning adventures anyhow. This month, we read through some great books and watched equally interesting videos about the rainforests around the world. Aidyn has added some new words/concepts to his vocabulary: sloth, tree frog, rainforest (of course), ocelot, toucan, and blue morpho butterfly. Our experience at the Rainforest Cafe dazzled us and enlivened the study.

Other notable events this month include our small educational side-trip to the library to meet Firefighters. Aidyn, his dad, and I watched the transformation from ordinary man to firefighter (and with his breathing mask, sounded just like Darth Vader!), and Aidyn even sat in the driver's seat of a fire engine and pretended to speed off.

Additionally, we spent a few days at the Happiest Place on Earth. Watching Aidyn progress, take more risks on rides, show great enthusiasm and imagination, and generally enjoy his childhood warms my heart.

We are one month closer to our apex journey to the California Academy of Sciences and we're enjoying every step of the way!

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