Friday, April 10, 2009

Week Ten Synopsis

Although this week was relatively relaxed, Aidyn learned and experienced new things. This was our second week focusing on the alphabet and Aidyn now identifies many letters. He can also sing a rustic version of the alphabet song. Additionally, he is working on common word recognition while I sprinkled words on ordinary objects in our home such as chair, couch, pillow, oven, bed, wall, pantry, sink, and toilet.

He spent some of his time this week at playgrounds playing with other children, watching a little league baseball game and swim meet, and interacting with other preschoolers at our library's storytime.

Also, we took a mini field trip to the local animal shelter and the town fair.

Overall, I enjoyed the relaxed environment of a delight-led "curriculum," but I think Aidyn learns more with a plan. I may draw out 20 activities and he only chooses to do two, but for us, that's still better than no plan at all.

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