Saturday, April 4, 2009

Week Nine Synopsis

During our first week in complete delight-led learning, Aidyn and I were free to explore themes as they presented themselves. Since he had recently fixated on monkeys, we adopted that theme and allowed it to lead us every which way. On a whim, we purchased a playful monkey suit for him that he has been wearing off and on. He rambles about in his best monkey impersonation. This imaginary play has encouraged him to eat "monkey sticks" and emboldened him to try kiwis, which he now loves. Additionally, we read several monkey books and perused a Zoobook about different kinds of Old World Monkeys (a nice throwback to anthropology for me!).

Also during the week on bike rides, we opened ourselves up to whatever lesson the world would present to us (with a little help from Mama). For instance, during our bike excursion, we hunted for letters and called them out on sight. When we passed the water tower, we both exclaimed our town name. On the way to the bike path, we frequently pass a fire station where the trucks and sometimes uniforms and firefighters can be easily seen, and we have conversations about the role of firefighters to the community.

Aidyn has become a fan of Meet the Letters and can identify several letters at random.

With Easter approaching, we have discussed rabbits and eggs. Aidyn painted some "eggs" (construction paper cut in the shape of eggs) and has learned to crack an egg all by himself (and clean the mess up afterwards!).

Throughout the week, Mozart filled our background with lovely, vivacious symphonies. Later, an animated singer/songwriter/folklorist musician from Trinidad colored our air waves with his beautiful children's songs.

We have a stack of assorted stories to enjoy this weekend that cover all the above subjects: monkeys, firefighters, the Easter bunny, and the letters.

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