Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Week Eleven, Day Three

This morning I made Aidyn a rattlesnake tail. Using Rattlesnake Dance as a guide, I covered a toilet paper roll with yellow construction paper and filled it with rice. Sealing all the edges, I gave it a shake to show Aidyn how a rattlesnake's tail sound when it rattles. He then pretended he was a snake by hissing and shaking his rattler.

We also watched Clyde's Smile, an animated story about a crocodile who loses his tooth and the friends that help him regain his toothy smile. ( Afterward, we interactively viewed other stories and activities.

Then we headed over to and Aidyn played Monkey Music, his new favorite game.

Also I made him a Crocodile Clothespin. I grabbed a clothespin from the line and colored the majority of it green. I used a white crayon to sketch on the teeth and a black crayon to create eyes. Now the crocodile can snap onto everything.

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