Monday, April 13, 2009

Week Eleven, Day One

I took advantage of the early morning hours while my son slept to create and paint a Turtle Toss game. I took a large piece of cardboard, drew a turtle from a bird's eye view, and painted it. Then I cut out shapes on its back. When the game is put up, small objects can be tossed into the holes. So now we have a Turtle Toss game.

We browsed through some of our snake-themed books but did not read them in great detail. Later, Aidyn watched a video called Tell Me Why which was all about reptiles. Sitting on the rocking chair, we interactively viewed Animal Alphabet.

While I was away at work, David and Aidyn read Rattlesnake Dance by Jim Arnosky "about a hundred times."

Today kicked off Reptile Week gently and amusingly.

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