Monday, April 20, 2009

20 April 2009

Today Aidyn and I explored the rainforest cut-outs I recently purchased. We discussed different animals that live in the rainforest which led me to point out his "fun food," Froot Loops, with a toucan on the cover. Excited, he just had to devour a bowlful, so as we did, we talked about the toucans that live in the rainforest and all the fruits they eat in the trees. Later, Aidyn sat down to watch The Magic School Bus: In the Rainforest and afterwards we read three books on the similar subject, his favorite being Way Up High in a Tall, Green Tree by Jan Peck. This turned out to be such a fun living story. For each animal that we "encountered," Aidyn would say, "I love you, ____." When we read about the ocelot, he cooed, "Aw, I love you, ocelot!" It was adorable. After returning home from work, I learned that my husband experienced the same enthusiasm with Aidyn regarding that little book. I may just have to buy it for our collection!

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