Thursday, March 12, 2009

World Exploration Day

Yesterday, Aidyn, his grandma, and I went on an outing to gold country. We drove through the scenic landscapes and talked about the trees, hills, cows, and mountains. As we neared our destination, Columbia, we were met by relics of the past. We strolled through the town, noting the brick buildings (built so, back in the 1800's, to avoid the devastation of fire), plank sidewalks, and nostalgic feel. Aidyn was more interested in feeding a coop full of Barred Rocks chickens and walking through a large rock garden. At these moments, we slowed down and took it all in.

Later Aidyn and I had our pictures taken as western folks. He dressed up in a cowboy outfit complete with bandana and rawhide hat and I was dressed as a cowgirl.

I like to think that Aidyn came away from Columbia with something-- though he's not old enough to quite vocalize what. But I imagine he was intrigued by the new surroundings, artifacts, and animals. This will definitely be a return visit.

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