Monday, March 9, 2009

Week Six, Day One

This past Saturday, Aidyn, his dad, and I went to the local Petsmart to look at the fish and other pet stuff. We're thinking about getting an aquarium sometime in the future.

Today Aidyn and his grandmother watched Go, Diego, Go!: Underwater Mysteries which Aidyn loved. Later, Aidyn and I went out for a "backyard nature exploration" armed with a jar, a net, tweezers, and a magnifying glass. We picked leaves, flowers, and bark. Touching all the plants, we talked about their colors, sizes, and smells. To our delight, we spotted a shy little ladybug crawling on a leaf and invited it onto our hands. We watched the ladybug until he or she decided to fly off. We concluded that it must have gone home to be with its family. When we came back into the house, we unloaded our findings and proceeded to "rub" their images onto paper with crayons. This had to be our favorite part of the day.

Later, Aidyn winded down with a children's video called All About Fish, to which he afterward said, "that was a good one!"

Very productive, mindful day. : )

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