Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nature Exploration 12 March 2009

Today Aidyn and I spent some time exploring our backyard. Without plan in mind, we each walked around and examined our surroundings. We picked different kinds of leaves, flowers, rocks, and pine cones, placing them in a jar for later investigation. Armed with his magnifying glass, Aidyn scrutinized various plants (weeds!) sprouting everywhere. We listened to the birds talking in our giant pine tree and spied the neighbor dog through a knothole in our fence.

We came inside and rubbed the leaves onto paper with crayons and I took little notes about our time outside. I intend to place them all in a binder/nature journal so we can look back on them later.

Aidyn has also been practicing his letter recognition by playing at's Tap and Type program. Yesterday while sitting at a bench carved to no end (by teens and kids no doubt), he identified the letters B, Y, and S to my great surprise. I was completely unaware that he knew them.

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