Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Week Two, Day Two

Introduce vocabulary word: heat
Do circle work pages; go on a circle tour
Watch "Solar System: The Sun"

This morning while I was boiling some eggs, I introduced Aidyn to the word heat by carefully showing him how the eggs were being cooked. He could feel the warmth on his little hand, and he observed the flames with intrigue. After he seemed to get a good hold on the word "heat," he said to me, "it's heat like in the sunshine." Later he repeated the same thing to his grandmother. I'm proud that he caught on so quickly to a new word.

Afterwards, we played with an airplane while the solar system video was on in the background. So we played to the songs "Age of Aquarius" and "Ain't No Sunshine," but didn't actually sit down and watch it. Later, Aidyn initiated a reading of his Brain Quest cards and talked about and looked at pictures of car trips, the supermarket, the zoo and its animals, the farm and its animals, and the aquarium and its animals. I was amazed at how many objects, animals, colors, and position words he could use. The cards had two very similar looking pictures of a horse and a donkey and another of a hippo and a rhino, and he was able to discern which was which.

Then he initiated an arts and crafts session by declaring, "I want to make hearts!" So I sat him at the kitchen table and supplied him with his construction paper, cut-out hearts, glue, markers and crayons, and child-safety scissors. He had a ball for a solid 45 minutes just making whatever his heart desired.

Today was mostly played out on his lead. And I enjoyed that. I am now thinking about removing daily agendas, and instead just see how the day pans out.

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