Saturday, February 7, 2009

Week One Synopsis

Although this was the first week that had a designated theme and goals attached to it, the execution was relaxed and whimsical. Aidyn had no idea that we had certain goals; he just happened to color planets, read books on outer space, and watch space-related science shows for children. My goal as a parent and teacher was simply to make these new concepts part of his vocabulary. In time, when we revisit these subjects or happen by them, he will have had an introductory familiarity with them.

I must admit that the week was fun, and I learned a few things myself. I learned when and how Aidyn is hungry for more knowledge, and I learned when to just back off.

What We've Come Away With:
-We hung decals of the eight planets on our kitchen window and visit them regularly. The names of the planet are all part of Aidyn's vocabulary now although he cannot always name the exact planet we're pointing to.
-"Solar system" is also now part of his vocabulary.
-He is much more aware of the letter A. Previously, he understood that it was a letter, but now he scouts "A" out everywhere we go. Watching Miss A has become something that pleases him.
-He is also much more cognizant of the color black. At bedtime, he squinted his eyes shut, opened them, and informed me with glee, "I see black! My eyes are closed and I see black!"
-After making our Mars cake, he shows more curiousity and ability towards helping his Mama make and bake something. He enjoys being part of the creation process.
- He has a general understanding that Earth is his planet (and he says so with pride!) and that there is more out there than our little world.

Our Mishaps:
Due to adverse weather, we had to cancel our trip to the planetarium for the planet show. We have backups ready for later in the month, but, at the very least, we have come away with a new possible resource for educational learning.

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