Friday, February 6, 2009

Week One, Day Three

- Review Planets

- Read "Here Come the Aliens" by Colin McNaughton
- Introduce letter A and number 1

Today was a very productive yet free-flowing day. Aidyn gave a hearty request to read The Aliens are Coming by Colin McNaughton. He loves the storyline and the ominous line: "The aliens are co-ming!"

We also watched a 1970's clip from The Letter People about Miss A, who has a terrible habit of sneezing, "a-choo!" whenever she's happy (

To work on our counting, we watched the pinball song from Sesame Street (

We also read from our text of the month: Childcraft: A Look into Space. We looked at one page each from "The Counting Book" and "The Alphabet Book" (for number one and letter A).

Later, we had an interactive viewing of The Magic School Bus: Space Adventures and discussed the planets and their unique characteristics, asteroids, comets, the sun, and the moon.

We casually conducted a mini "black tour" by looking around the room and pointing out all the black objects until we could not find anymore. Later Aidyn colored some pictures of funny looking aliens.

In the evening, we had a little math/baking course and made a Mars cake together. We even frosted it red together and wrote "Mars" on it in red frosting.

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